Free waterpark

Aabo Camping’s greatest asset is the 1,200 sqm water park with water slide. Both children and adults can have fun in the three pools. Water cannons, miniature water slide, fountain, cave with bubbles, jet streams and a large water slide, 66 m long. On the patio you can enjoy the sun and a chilling aperitif. Camping with waterpark is a hit – and the waterpark is even free!

Aabo Cabana – Free Activities

Aabo Cabana is a large area with free activities in the Northern part of the site with soccer fields, courts for badminton on grass and beach volley. In high season, our activity employee arranges competitions and tournaments every day.

The Hen House at Aabo Camping

‘The Hen House’ is a multi-activity house for children and adults i.e. paper crafting, painting and drawing, kite building, cartoons and much more. There is a bonfire and twist bread outside the site, and if anything exiting is broad casted in the television (soccer, tennis or concerts), this will be shown at the big screen. Our two activity employees make activities every single day in the high season.

Other facilities

Bath and toilet buildings

Aabo Camping has two large toilet buildings with toilets, wash and a shower area, Ladies hairdresser’s room, handicap room, family bathroom and launderette.

Modern Kitchen Facilities

We have kitchens with stoves, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and kitchens for fish only.

Grocery shop

Large grocery shop with a wide selection of fresh meat, bread, and daily commodities.

Grill Bar

Several fast food menus and fast food dishes in our grill and snack bar.