Aabo Camping’s history

Kurt Trynskov, the owner of Aabo Camping & Waterpark, writes:
My grandparents bought the farm Mølbak in 1927, which today in known as Aabo Camping. They ran it, as a “real” farm with both pigs, cows, horses and chicken. In 1931, my grandparents retired, and my father’s sister and uncle took over the farm. My uncle, Valdemar, was the type who loved to start things, but as it was doing well, yes – then something new was in the pipeline: Mølbak has, therefore, to have been run as a farm, lorry and taxi company, trucks with fish abroad, too, and at last; campsite.

Aabo with lake and fish farm at the site

Uncle Valdemar established a bigger lake and a fish farm at the site. In this connection, he noticed that gas came up from the underground. This had to be used as a heating resource, so my uncle, he drilled and led the natural gas directly via clever arrangements into the heating device. It was a bit difficult, though, so with the oil costs of the time, it was not something that was profitable.

Change from Dybros to Aabo Camping

The campsite of the past was Dybros Camping, which my uncle started in 1964. The site was very primitive, and not so many guests at the period and due to age uncle chose to sell the site in 1967 to the Hagerup family. The Hagerup family made a bunch of improvements at the site, but as the site could not be driven without both owners to work full-time, they chose to sell the site to me on 1st July 1972.

I had at that time a background as salesman, sign maker and had a good job at the Coca Cola Company with a contract running to 1st October, which ment I had to hire a tenant, who had to do the first summer.

I changed the name to Aabo Camping, and the first I did, was to build a new building with snack bar, merchant and information desk. Yes, it was weigh back in 1973, and at that time, one could live two adults and two children for 15 DDK a day – what a time. Aabo Camping had at that time a revenue of approx. DDK 30,000 with its nearly 100 units, whereas 20 were all-year tenants.

Renovation of the campsite

The year after we renovated, approx. 100 units with power and water supply, which was very modern at the time. The site were levelled and look much alike the site of today. In 1980, we built a brand new toilet building which set the standard for comfort of the time. In 1983, a new 200 sqm merchant, launderette and snack bar came to.

Establishment of a 1200 sqm large outdoor waterpark

In 1988, we took a huge chance and established Denmark’s largest outdoor waterpark with among other things a-seventy-metres water slide. It was something that the customers liked, and we went, in just three years, from 42,000 overnight stays to 95,000. One must say that we hit the nail on the head. We changed the name to Aabo Camping & Waterpark. The waterpark is still one of the grand attractions.

As we reached the millennium and towards today, the site is still under development. We have established a new market site with restaurant and a five-star luxurious building with kitchens, bath facilities for the smallest, family bathrooms, toilets and baths, which is really something!

Good atmosphere and happy customers

Our guests must feel good, safe and happy – it is our motto. It makes me to think of a sweet story, which I have experienced a lot of as campsite owner.

An elderly German man entered the information desk one evening. He would like to check out before time. He settled and said good evening. Two hours after an elderly German woman entered the information desk and asked for her husband. I was rather confused (it was before the era of mobile phones), as I told her that same man had checked-out from the campsite. He had left with everything: clothes, money, passport and more.

I immediately offered food and a stay in my home, where the poor wife slowly came to her senses. Next day we got hold of some decent clothes, and I drove the ”lost” wife to the station and bought her a ticket to Germany (South of Bavaria) and gave her a little sum of money for the further trip to her home. The next many years, I received a Christmas card with all kinds of thanksgivings, so obviously she did come home.

Yes, the memories are many.

Aabo Camping follows the development

We still evolve. In the time passed, since I have had the campsite, I have bought more land seven times, so the site has grown from approx. 5.5 hectares, and is now at thirteen hectares.

We are among the first in Denmark, who has made luxury huts at 45 sqm with three bedrooms, dishwasher, and spa and large barbeque run by gas on the patio. Read more here about Aabo Village Luxury huts. Camp life is fun and exciting, and we do not lie on the blank side, but firstly, happy guests is our primary focus at Aabo Camping & Waterpark. We are looking forward to seeing both new and old customers.

Welcome to Aabo Camping & Waterpark!

– Kurt Trynskov